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Our Latest News

The Milpitas Community Educational Endowment (MCEE) becomes the Milpitas Community Education Foundation (MCEF)

Beginning July 1, 2023, the Milpitas Community Educational Endowment (MCEE) becomes the Milpitas Community Education Foundation (MCEF). This reflects the maturing of the organization as it has reached its goal of building the endowment to $200,000 so that it will generate an annual grant of $10,000 to the Milpitas Unified School District in the 2024-25 school year. The organization will continue to focus on:

  • Parent Education / Seminars

  • STEAM-related programs including the STEAM showcase

  • Scholarships

    • Danny Lau Memorial Scholarships (through 2024)

    • Lisa Chan Memorial Scholarship (through 2030)

    • Diana Orlando Scholarship

    • potentially others

  • Endowment-funded MUSD grant

  • Incubator Program 

  • Nonprofit services

MCEF Announces Leadership and Board Additions

As MCEF moves into its next 5-year plan, it is proud and excited to announce the following:

  • Board Member Swati Shah will become co-President along with Amin Fazal. She will focus on marketing our organization.

  • We want to also super excited to have Hon Lien join our board. Her experience with the school district and the community is precisely what we need to round out our panel.

  • Founder Robert Jung will serve as our lead to build out our Advisory Board. Our Advisory board will provide invaluable advice to the team. They serve only as advisors and will not vote on any proposals before the team. He will continue as our Investment Manager and volunteer extraordinaire.


Aug 2023

  • 10 - School Starts

  • 11 - Kickoff MCEF B2S

  • 22 - Board Presentation @ MUSD Board Meeting

Sep 2023

  • 01 - Signup Deadline for Stanford Kids Day

  • 16 - Stanford Kids Day

Get Involved

There are many ways you can help MCEF provide exceptional educational opportunities for students in the Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD). Please consider making a charitable contribution to support great MUSD schools, joining MCEF at an upcoming event, or volunteering your time and talent.


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Find out how your help can support MCEF in its efforts to provide educational excellence


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Make a tax-deductible gift today in support of great education. Also, consider company matching, estate gifts, and other in-kind contributions.

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Our Sponsors & Partners

We appreciate all our sponsors and partners for all their support. Without them, we would not be able to support our mission.

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